2016 Future Highways conference

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In its 5th year, and evolving to meet the future needs of the local highways maintenance sector, the 2016 Future Highways conference promises to be the most future-focused, collaborative and practical event yet:

The Future of Local Highways Delivery 2016
Transforming delivery models to prioritise user needs

Tuesday 5th July 2016, Innovation Birmingham
organised by Landor LINKSFuture Highways 2016 delivery partner Landor LINKS

What are local highways?

The assets which local highways authorities are responsible for include:
• roads (carriageways)
• bridges and structures
• footways and cycleways
• highways drainage
• public rights of way
• streetlighting
• signs and street furniture
• environmental assets
• CCTV / monitoring / sensing equipment / signals

Local highways authorities also grant permissions for utilities providers to lay and access their assets within the carriageway / footway assets.

A valuable asset (discussion thread)

By collecting and analysing asset inventory and condition data in digital format, and making use of higher specification, lower cost software, apps and sensors/monitors as part of this process, local highways authorities are creating a valuable ‘virtual’ model of the local highways network that enables modelling, planning and valuing of the real life asset.  This also increases resilience to changes, by improving the ability to adapt and adjust to changing needs.

Heeding the sectors’ need to engage with and balance users / customers needs with technical standards, adapt to more collaborative longer term contracts and explore technologies to reduce costs of highways asset management, we’re bringing together an industry first group of speakers, projects and activities from within and outside the sector to deliver ‘Local Highways in New Ways’.

Future Highways collaborative partners:

The collaborative highways community prioritising user needs